© Ross Harrison 2017

Ross is an aspiring musician with a passion for music wether it be teaching, performing or recording.

It has long been a dream of Ross’s to teach and help others learn and enjoy guitar as much as he does.

Ross is a graduate of Popular Music with a B.Mus. (hons) from the University of Wolverhampton. In September 2017 he will be studying towards his Masters in music. Prior to this he studied Music Technology at Birmingham Metropolitan College where he learned about recording, mixing & mastering and live sound.

He has been playing guitar since the age of 15 and has the ability to play various styles of music.

Ross’s main influences include

James Hetfield – Metallica

Kirk Hammett – Metallica

Darrell Abbott – Pantera

Jim Root – Slipknot

Eric Clapton

BB King

Joe Satriani

Zakk Wylde

Jason Hook-FFDP

Joe Bonamassa